1. About Us

RealBid made a humble beginning as a user-friendly auction site. The idea behind the inception of the site was to create an auction platform that is different and unavailable. Our motto is to give ultimate bidding experience to our clients in terms of high-end branded gadgets and gifts. Every bid starts at 5% or less of the MRP and goes up to a maximum of 15% of MRP. There is no expiry date for the bids purchased, it can be availed at any point of time.

We make sure that all the transactions done at RealBid are 100% genuine and transparent in the auction process. The users should be completely aware of all the auction details like when the auction is opening or closing etc.

The auction procedure is systematized in a manner that an auction stops immediately when the pre-arranged price has been achieved. Our product list includes goods of popular brands in technology and all products are available in their original packaging.

What makes us a league apart-

  • We appreciate customer loyalty and reward them accordingly

  • There are absolutely no hidden charges or extra costs to bidding winners. The company bears the cost of delivery and VAT charges.

  • Be a part of friendly bidding community and multiply your money with simple and user-friendly interface.

Our website is serviced from Chennai and Owned by Ayira E-com Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Brief Review

The terms and conditions mentioned in the site carry a legal binding effect. RealBid has the discretion to change the terms as and when required. All the changes made will be posted on the site and it is the responsibility of the users to stay abreast with the changes on the regular basis and make an effort to abide by them.

All our efforts are directed to protect and value your personal privacy. The Privacy Policy laid down on the site extends a comprehensive view on data collection as you visit the site.

As you accept the terms and conditions and clauses mentioned in the Privacy Policy upon registration, it is assumed as your express consent on our collection, storage and usage of your personal information.

Privacy Policy is an integral part of our terms and conditions.

  1. RealBid Rules & Regulations

No game is played without a set of rules. Mentioned below are the rules to make sure that everyone enjoys the bidding experience and has an equal chance to win. These are-

  • One person is allowed to operate just one account.

  • The minimum age of the user should be 18 years and should be a resident of India.

  • One account can enjoy 15 wins spread over one month's time.

  • RealBid employees and their family members are not allowed to participate in the auctions to ensure fair game to the other users.

Note: Violating any of the rules laid down in the site (e.g. framing multiple accounts by one person or resorting to any unfair means to win etc) will attract penalty and will lead to disabling of all associated accounts. Items won while violating rules will not be entertained. The user can't ask for refunds on bids used to win items by violating rules.

  1. Promotional offers

Any special or promotional offers on the site are subject to change as per the changes in validity or special conditions attached to the offers. The users will be informed timely about the changes so made.